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What to cook this week?

Sunday, 28 May, 2017

The summer has arrived! And the long weekend to boot, which means the barbecues across the land are wheeled out, grills scrubbed (pointlessly, the flame disinfects it kind of thoroughly) and buckets of Pimms prepared. Of course it’s going to be thunderstorms on Bank Holiday Monday, but so what else is new? We’re used to it in Britain. I remember once rolling a burning barbecue, sausages and all into the garage because of a sudden downpour. We’re nothing if not adaptable.

So here’s Pimms fruit cup. My version is seriously adult and you need to be cautious with it, lemonade replaced by Prosecco. Step up ice cube production!

For food, we need something quick, something that can be slapped on the barbie – or both, in case of weather risks. Try the veal T-bone steaks, gorgeous grilled and the rub can be used on any other meat you fancy. Go for a classic? This beef burger recipe is the best around, if I may say so myself (of course I may. it's my damn blog).

Instead of burgers you might try bulgogi: literally ‘fire meat’ it’s heavily and deliciously marinated beef, grilled or griddled or barbecued. Stuff homemade pita bread with the bulgogi for a fusion – and a perfect BBQ party fodder.

We’re being warned about pork again and the deadly hepatitis E virus found in European pig products, also called the Brexit virus, ahem! Goodbye for now, pork tinged with pink in the middle, so make sure you cook these stuffed pork chops through. Meat thermometers at the ready!

For a veggie option, take this roasted cauliflower recipe, wrap the cauliflower in aluminium foil and roast it on the barbecue – possibly even tastier than from the oven.

And for dessert it’s completely time for an angel food cake – it's like eating sweet cloud. Piled high with berries. Happy Bank Holiday!

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