Cuisine Fiend

Game season

Sat, 19 October, 2019

Game on, still, and I’m very excited as I have a plump fresh mallard - wild duck - in the fridge for the weekend. Wild mallard is probably my favourite game bird ever, grouse notwithstanding (grouse is an Exquisite Special Treat, not just any old game bird). Mallard is fatter than a pheasant, tastier than a partridge and much more substantial than a pigeon.

Roast wild mallard this weekend then, with a beetroot salad perhaps or first Brussels sprouts of the season, two ways (feel free to pick just one way). Or roast a pheasant if you prefer or mallard is not available, to go with those sprouts.

During the week I’ll probably grill chicken burgers and stuff them into soft white baps (infinitely better than the ones off Bake Off) that will be baked on Sunday. Or use the chicken to make chicken rarebit which is a simply awesome combination of chicken, mushrooms and cheese. And if you’re into meal prepping, some stuffed cabbage rolls sitting in the freezer are a great autumn warmer – and really not so laborious to prepare.

No meat, no problem: cauliflower parmigiana maybe? Or some mac n cheese with leeks? I fancy making stuffed tomatoes this week and have them with a side of Persian rice with broad (frozen) beans.

For dessert it will have to be burnt chocolate blondie because I’m craving that burnt chocolate/caramel/fudgy sensation; and if you are the sourdough knowledgeable kind, sourdough buns with jam will double up as breakfast.

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