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Thanksgiving recipes that can be used more widely

Sun, 18 November, 2018

For those who turkey this week, there’s a dilemma: to brine or not to brine. It appears that the trend is on its way out and I can understand it: anything that involves huge buckets of salty liquid (can you use your bath?) and even bigger fridge space (so that means you can’t) is awkward, to say the least. But there are some staunch briners I’m sure – for those, check out my brine. Now THAT sounds awkward. To say the least.

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving and for those who don’t, pumpkin bread recipe might come in handy. Likewise the side of garlicky runner beans – or their American equivalent: lima beans? green beans? any beans large enough to be sliced. ‘Parsnip’ and ‘gratin’ don’t often come together and it’s a shame as it’s a worthy pair and another less usual side dish. And for the daring, pie might be replaced by cranberry gingerbread cake which I’m baking this week just because it’s a perfect CAC – Christmas Anticipation Cake, or what to do when it still feels too early for a mince pie.

Weekday dinners pre-Thanksgiving or pre-Christmas must be simple: brown rice with mushrooms is that kind of dish, made exciting if you can get hold of wild mushrooms to use in it. Or a simple roast chicken fillet, made un-simple by homemade teriyaki sauce – the surplus keeps in the fridge for a week easily and can be applied on salmon just as successfully.

Simple, warming (winter has arrived in much of Europe) and easy: a big vat of broccoli and Stilton soup, and if you have it with a homemade sage and Parmesan roll it will be a most rewarding experience. And if you’re a salad person rather than soup person, try the herby raw beetroot salad for lunch. I know, raw beetroot is scary for a lot of people but its important nutrients content outbalances the peeling and slicing.

Coming soon: scallop ceviche, potato traybake, lentils and chorizo and more, more, more. Interesting? Subscribe! Oh, and the Christmas page is up and running just in case you thought it wasn’t too early.