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My name is Anna and I’m a food blogger. It’s been a few hours now since I last cooked.

I guess you need to know a few things about me; put a face to a dish and all that.

You see I wanted to be a Banksy of food blogging: no pictures, no names, recipes turning up surreptitiously at night and instantly going viral.

But since I jacked in my cushy public sector job and plunged into the Cuisine Fiend food pond full time, I realised I needed to exist; if sponsors or financial companies wanted to Google me. Or more importantly, if I wanted to Google myself.

So here are the basics: I’m married to The Weather Man and we live in the south of England. We keep on thinking about moving to a fairer-weather corner of the globe but we don’t quite know where. Somewhere scenic, with clearly defined seasons and preferably lots of bears. D’ya hear me, Mr Trudeau? Is that invite in the post?

About these pages: the recipes are tried and tested in many cases, in some they are the first attempt that turned out fantastic. I don’t have any preferences for specific cuisines although I tend to cook predominantly European food with an occasional global nod – take a look at my Food World Map.

I use mainly metric measures but provide conversion where I can. However, investing in a pair of scales is the first step to successful baking.

My recipes are never ‘free from’ unless incidentally. I don’t believe in faddish and delusional food trends. Vegetarianism and serious allergies aside, as Michael Pollan advises ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants’. And why should we deprive ourselves of good things in moderation? Life’s more worth living with bacon in it.

Hope you enjoy what I cook and what I write. Feel free to comment, ask, query, rant, complain or praise. Especially praise.

Anna Gaze

I am Cuisine Fiend


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