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Halloween Fiend

Halloween treats – spooky, scary or plain terrifying. My small selection of desserts is fun to make, impressively scary – especially if you, unlike me, are a little artistically gifted. But above all, these are recipes for really tasty sweets, worth saving not just for Halloween.

Make up a huge batch of fluffy sweet meringue mix (egg yolks can go into a non-scary tart or homemade mayo) and let the little ones run riot piping deathly white bones and cute ghosts with eyes painted with edible ink pens. Mind, the recipe for meringue is just the best mix for any kind of meringue cookies.

Time until Halloween

Or how about fresh eyeballs, swimming in bloody slime? They are delicious white chocolate ganache truffles – only scarily adorned. My best trick here is how to make slime: simply add food colouring to corn syrup and you can have drinks and dessert plates dripping with fresh blood or green gunk…

Zombie fingers – bwahahahaha! Deathly pale, slightly rotten around the almondy nails and surprisingly easy to make. And the shortbread recipe is a keeper!

Halloween bats and ghosts

And a completely grown-up if needs be, fudgy chocolate cake: so dense, sticky and black it’s called Morticia’s cake. Plus a simple carrot cake mix for Halloween cupcakes and a spider web chocolate cake recipe.

Trick or treat!

Pumpkin picture