Cuisine Fiend

Post party snacks and gingerbreads

Sat, 14 December, 2019

Time of parties, shopping and writing cards. Does anyone still write cards? Can anyone still handwrite properly? I certainly can’t which fills me with self-loathing. It is not the same to send an idiotic Christmas-theme meme via Facebook or an equally idiotic (though sometimes funny) GIF through Twitter. Not the same as cheerful, festive paper cards that you can line up along the window sill or hang above the fireplace. Go on – get a box of charity cards and give twenty minutes of your time and effort of forgotten skill to write, especially to those you haven’t been in touch much with because the weirdos are not on Facebook.

In between, we have to eat. If we don’t get fed at parties, it’s good to have a snack waiting at home, especially if they didn’t feed but plied us well with vino. If you make bulgur wheat salad with chorizo and beans for lunch or dinner, leftovers will serve well post-party. Everyone knows that there’s nothing like a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich for the day after breakfast but quesadillas are as good – and you can make them for dinner too.

Chicken burgers are a good idea as is lettuce wedge salad with bacon and cheese. Or a smokie salad bowl – feel free to replace Arbroath smokie for mackerel or trout if smokie doesn’t visit your neck of wood.

If meat and fish are off your menu, a spinach casserole will surely hit the spot, and you can cook it one day this week even if you’re not a party person; as obviously any of the above dishes. Or go for cauliflower parmigiana, or broccoli cheese which is easier and quicker but just as tasty.

Maybe it’s time to make the first batch of mince pies? Or test your roast potatoes skills? Or make gingerbread dough, stuff the cookies with jam and coat in melted chocolate? I’m sure you can engage younger generation in this activity. Those and more festive inspo can be found in my Christmas collection, or in content pages. Get started!