Cuisine Fiend

Couscous but not as you know it

Sun, 2 October, 2016

What's for breakfast? That's a very important question, worth asking on the day before. But seriously: I know most of us grab SOMETHING on the way to work, clutching a paper cup (non-degradable!) with one of those drinks I don't understand.

Getting up just five minutes early will let you prepare breakfast couscous for example, which is as unusual as it is tasty. Or how about making an effort at the weekend and baking some of those beauties: one dough, a dozen opportunities. Eat a couple straight from the oven, throw the rest in the freezer. They'll be good as fresh if you remember to take them out before shower/shave/make-up.

And now for the best of the season: wild mushrooms. In the UK we're deprived: the few specimens you can forage in the New Forest or Scottish dales are pathetically meagre compared to the laden market stalls of France, Italy or Germany. If you want to cough up a small fortune and buy imported ceps online, don't waste them: the simpler cooked the better. Figs are readily available and almost as gorgeous, the jammy Bursas in particular. Eat them raw or bake with balsamic and blue cheese - bliss.

Leftover Sunday roast? You're in luck: if it's chicken, the classic Caesar or the Caesar with a twist begs to be thrown together. If lamb or beef - pastillas will make the leftovers taste better than the roast.

And the comfort cravings are slowly creeping in, although summer doesn't want to let go. Let's start comfort food gently, and veggie: crispy roasted chickpeas as well as veggie chili involve not much more effort than opening a couple of tins and seasoning generously.