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wild yeast water bread

Wednesday, 16 August, 2017

Fig water sourdough

Pure magic. Forget about wine, it’s water turning into bread! Possibly the most organic, natural and fascinating way of creating food. It’s no longer fermentation – it’s alchemy.

I will give credit to Pete’s Bakery where I first saw and marvelled at yeast waters. He’s much more accomplished than yours truly and though there are lots of great bakers on the social media, his pictures of fennel water bread, cocoa water leavened brioche, jars of spiced clementine yeast water and beetroot water bubbling away were unusual to say the least.

I was intrigued.

I researched.

I found surprisingly little information out there which of course piqued my ambition even more. So I grabbed a jar, some dried fruit and water – hard to think of less to lose.

Wild yeast water bread

And it works! I used the water in the quantity I’d use ordinary water and skipped the yeast of course. The flavour doesn’t carry, sadly, or perhaps fortunately as you might not fancy a bacon sarnie with a strong whiff of strawberry. And yes, I’ve since made strawberry, apricot and raisin waters.


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