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pork loin with blueberry sauce

Saturday, 24 June, 2017

Pork roasted at low temperature

There are two things worth mentioning about this recipe: it’s pork, but not as you know it; and it comes with the dressing that usually hangs out in the company of pancakes.

The blueberry sauce goes so well with lean delicate pork I might just pair them forever now. Use frozen blueberries for the sauce, and feel free to scoff any leftovers with your breakfast or dessert.

Now pork but not as you know is not exactly sous-vide as I don’t possess the apparatus – but I have a good, new electric oven which tells me the temperature range on a standard programme is 30 – 250C. We’re in business: low temperature cooking.

Pork with blueberry sauce

It seems a bit of a hocus-pocus, out there with sous-vide and molecular foams and essences, but it isn’t really. Subjecting meat to gentle heat means that it doesn’t dry out – which I thought was the ideal method for cooking pork loin which, let’s be honest, is usually stupidly dried out.

The downside is of course the lack of Maillard reaction – the complex process that results in humans salivating over a chunk of food (not necessarily meat). The smell, the appearance and in the case of my pork: a tasty-looking scorched outside of the joint will be utterly lacking when cooked at 80C – so we have two options, either sear the meat beforehand or blowtorch it after cooking.

Low temperature cooked pork

My blowtorch went walkies in the building project so I opted for the searing. And to be absolutely sure the roast wasn’t dry I’d brined it to start off with. The result was astonishing: I’d never had such tasty roast pork before.

Donald Russell, the esteemed Scottish online butcher is an invaluable source of approximate timings and advice on low temp cooking.

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