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Grams to cups

Use the Quick conversions, Grams to Cups Calculator or the Detailed Conversion Tables. The calculator and conversion tables also provide amounts in ounces. See Assumptions for more background information.

Quick conversions

Some of the most frequently used conversions used in baking are listed below. If what you want isn't try the calculator or detailed conversion tables.

175 grams to cups

  • All purpose flour: 1 cup and 6 tbsp and 1 tsp
  • Plain flour: 1 cup and 6 tbsp and 1 tsp
  • Bread flour: 1 cup and 6 tbsp
  • Brown sugar: 14 tbsp
  • Caster (granulated) sugar: 12 tbsp and 2 tsp
  • Icing (confectioner's sugar): 1 cup and 7 tbsp and 1 tsp

215 grams to cups

  • All purpose flour: 1 cup and 11 tbsp and 1 tsp
  • Plain flour: 1 cup and 11 tbsp and 1 tsp
  • Bread flour: 1 cup and 11 tbsp
  • Brown sugar: 1 cup and 1 tbsp
  • Caster (granulated) sugar: 15 tbsp and 2 tsp
  • Icing (confectioner's sugar): 12 tbsp and 1 tsp

500 grams to cups

  • All purpose flour: 4 cups
  • Plain flour: 4 cups
  • Bread flour: 3 cups and 15 tbsp
  • Brown sugar: is 2.5 cups
  • Caster (granulated) sugar: 2 cups and 4 tbsp
  • Icing (confectioner's sugar): 4 cups and 2 tbsp and 2 tsp

Grams to Cups Calculator

Use the calculator to quickly convert between grams, ounces and cups for baking and cooking ingredients.

How many grams in a cup?

The answer is it varies by ingredient. For example, a cup of honey is 340g whereas a cup of cornflakes is only 30g

Detailed Conversion Tables

The values in the conversion tables below are the same as those used by the calculator. Use the buttons to switch between grams and ounces.


The amount of flour in a cup will vary depending on type and how much it is packed. To improve accuracy a weight in grams per cup is used. There is big variation between types, for example a cup of rye flour weighs in at 102g and semolina at 167g.

Ingredient Grams per cup
All purpose flour 125
Bread flour 127
Plain flour 125
Rye flour 102
Semolina 167
Cornmeal 122
Wholemeal (whole wheat) flour 120
Rice flour 158
Cornstarch 128


Ingredient Grams per cup
Rolled oats 90
Cornflakes 30
Shredded wheat 49
Couscous 173
Bulgur 140
Pasta (small and medium shapes) 105


Ingredient Grams per cup
Lentils 192
Chickpeas 152
Beans (kidney, cannellini) 184


Conversions for butter and other dairy. In the case of butter sticks are also used as a measurement in the USA.

1 stick of butter is equal to 1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons or 113g.

Ingredient Grams per cup
Milk 244
Yoghurt 245
Double cream 238
Single cream 240
Butter 226
Buttermilk 245


Ingredient Grams per cup
Basmati 195
Paella 200
Risotto 197
Brown 190
Long grain 185
Wild 160


How dense is sugar? Not all sugars are created equally! Confectioner's sugar (also known as powdered sugar in the USA and icing sugar in the UK) has just over half the density of granulated sugar.

Granulated sugar weighs in at approximately 1.59g per cubic centimeter compared to 0.801g per cubic centimeter for powdered.

Use the table or calculator to convert between cups, grams and ounces for widely used varieties of sugar.

Ingredient Grams per cup
Brown sugar 200
Caster (granulated) 220
Demerara (turbinado) sugar 202
Icing (confectioner's) sugar 120


Ingredient Grams per cup
Raspberries fresh 123
Blueberries fresh 148
Strawberries fresh 144
Raisins 145
Cranberries 120
Dates chopped 147
Figs 149


Ingredient Grams per cup
Walnuts whole 100
Hazelnuts whole 135
Almonds whole or blanched 143
Sunflower seeds 140
Pumpkin seeds 129
Coconut dessicated 93
Almonds ground 95


Ingredient Grams per cup
Cocoa powder 118
Chocolate chips 170
Chocolate broken pieces 140


Ingredient Grams per cup
Butter 226
Oil 218
Cocoa butter 218


Ingredient Grams per cup
Grated hard cheese 113
Grated parmesan 100
Cream cheese and ricotta 240
Soft cheese, cottage, curd 227


Ingredient Grams per cup
Honey 340
Treacle 337
Malt extract 332
Golden syrup 340
Maple syrup 315
Corn syrup 341


A cup is assumed to have 240ml volume

A tablespoon (tbsp) is assumed to have 15ml volume

A teaspoon (tsp) is assumed to have 5ml volume

If you have a suggestion for more ingredients or conversions please Contact us

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