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Sat, 18 January, 2020

It is a bit of a torture to write about delightful rice and potato dishes, let alone desserts when I’m on ketogenic diet. I’m putting myself in the mind of a professional wine taster, or enologist (love it; makes the thing so scientific): sniff, gurgle and spit out. If you’re interested in following my example though, check out my Keto Challenge Diary. I log my food every day and I don’t go near any special or so-called keto products: I eat what there is in the fridge and cupboard.

The rest of you lucky people check out some normal, full-carb dishes. A joint of Mexican style braised pork shoulder prepared at the weekend will provide several great meals, one of which absolutely MUST be tacos. If you opt for quick suppers made on the day, chicken under the skillet is a fun way of cooking boring-ish chicken thighs.

For winter comfort (the weather only now obliging the seasonality), try a meatball casserole or veggie potato and fennel gratin. Just green salad will do on the side, and here’s my tip for the simplest dressing: sprinkle the leaves with salt, pepper, drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and honey then toss and massage with your hands.

Spinach empanada is a veggie main option or a great lunch idea. You could also make yu ziang aubergine, my favourite way of cooking the vegetable, and serve it with plain boiled rice.

It’s flat fish season so bake a lemon sole or splash on Dover sole and grill it. Serve either perhaps with courgette ribbon salad or marinated fennel with ranch dressing.

And the ultimate torment for poor little keto me: cake of the week. I suggest Nigella’s Venetian carrot cake or orange and walnut loaf cake. Both gorgeous; both contain almost exclusively the ingredients I can only lick through the window. Happy cooking!

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