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Recipes for the jubilee street party

Sun, 29 May, 2022

I was browsing the weekend papers full of ‘Jubilee Special’ recipes with growing dismay. Do they have in mind Park Lane street party? Or inspiration for a street party catering business (which is NOT a thing)? Crab and prawn pintxos (me neither), blini, frittatas, quiches and tarts, plus assorted fancy dips to serve with crudites.

I mean – excuse me? Street party is the most unpretentious do of all, with dishes that don’t mind standing in the blazing sun or pouring rain, can be grabbed with fingers and which children will eat. Somehow I don’t think beetroot dips or devilled eggs would pass the muster.

Plus, who is so dedicated and time rich that they’ll be prepared to cut a pound of carrots into crudites or assemble dozens of canapes? Not me, even though I do that kind of thing for a living. It’s a bring-a-dish principle but it would be a little odd to turn up with just a tiny plate of nibbles or one hot dog. Some people will only contribute drinks, others will take care of desserts so if you’re cooking, cook for 6 or 8 at least.

Simple, unpretentious food that can be handled with fingers and as good cold as hot; crowd pleasers. And so, I’ll be making pizza.

If you want to follow suit, there’s plenty to choose from: Sicilian pizza, pizza bianca or the classic, cooked in the frying pan. Simplify the process of course: roll out the bases, dress them all and slip under the grill just before leaving for the party.

Or do a riff on the pizza theme: cheesy sweetcorn tart or pissaladiere. Make it all vegetarian: that way you’ll please everyone.

For meat-eating lot, sausage rolls. A bunch of good quality bangers, puff pastry and it’s sorted in the best way.

If your party is going to have barbecues available, there must be burgers. I’ll completely understand if you want to buy the patties and the buns, but just in case, here’s a recipe for beef burgers and the one for homemade buns. Plus the one for halloumi burgers. And you could make a large bowl of spring potato salad, the best.

Perhaps just a batch of cheesy scones will be the ticket, or grape and cheese focaccia? Either way I do hope everyone has a jolly good time. Including Her Majesty!

Happy Jubilee!

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