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Strawberry fizz

Wed, 26 July, 2017


Strawberry fizz

I go out once a week, on average, for food or to the local boozer to meet friends for a couple of drinks. The boys are into beer, seriously so, they disdain lager but are a bit wary of the hoppy craftship that’s been spreading like wildfire. They are reassuringly faithful to ale.

I am fascinated by English beer (particularly its names) but can't stand the taste. Wine is my usual poison. It’s the calories, you see; and not having to visit the ladies’ three times on a night. Boring sauvignon or pinot it has been then, until this summer I spotted people leaving the bar with enormous buckets of lightly coloured fizz with bits of fruit floating in it.

Prosecco grenadine cocktail

Of course, it was hugely appealing; other people’s drink/food always is to me unless it’s neat whisky or mushy peas. The buckets turned out to be Pimms in one pub, cassis and prosecco (poor man’s kir) in another and (disappointingly) fizzy rose in the third.

Strawberry prosecco

I've tried this at home – I didn’t have any cassis or Chambord; I didn’t want to waste champagne on unknown quality and I wanted fruit in. It’s not exactly a sunrise but it’s rather excellent – and very summery.

strawberry fizz

Time: 5 minutes


  • sparkling wine: prosecco, crémant or cava
  • 1 tsp grenadine syrup per glass
  • 150g small strawberries, with tops intact


1. Wash and thoroughly dry the strawberries; halve a few of them. Place them on a plate and freeze.

Frozen strawberries

2. Pour a spoonful of the grenadine syrup into each champagne or large wine glass; add a few frozen halves and whole strawberries and top with the sparkling wine.

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