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Cold brewed iced coffee

Mon, 23 July, 2018


cold brewed iced coffee

What can I say? It’s actually really nice. Cold brewing works, the coffee is tasty and slightly less bitter than hot-brewed; it’s damn refreshing on a hot day and it miles healthier than any iced concoction bought from Starbucks or Costa – probably a minuscule fraction of comparable sugar content and negligibly calorific in comparison.

It’s not, however, a new hipster thing: cold brewing comes from 17th century Japan and, as you might expect, was an elaborate, tortuous (drop by drop) process. But by all means you can just mix ground coffee with filtered water and set it on the kitchen worktop overnight.

cold brewed coffee

The filtering of the liquid is the key element, of course: you want the resulting liquid to be lovely crystal clear. Standard coffee filters work well though you might need two, stuck together or in a filtering succession. If you have a fine mesh tea strainer, you can use that. Or a cheesecloth over a sieve. Or a silk hankie.

cold brew

The caffeine content is allegedly higher in cold brew than regular coffee, be aware. I am so caffeine-immune that I nod off over a double espresso, thus not the right judge of that. It is tasty diluted anyway, with condensed milk over ice cubes for best experience.

Cold brewed iced coffee

Servings: ingredients per personTime: 24 hours
Tags: drinks, summer


  • Per person:
  • 3 standard scoops (heaped spoonfuls) of ground filter coffee
  • 250ml (1 cup) cold water
  • To serve:
  • ice cubes
  • condensed milk, sweetened or not as preferred


1. The cold brew takes about 12 hours so best prepare it the night before serving. Place the coffee in a jar or jug with a lid, pour in the water slowly and gently to least disturb the coffee grounds. Cover and leave in room temperature overnight.

2. Use coffee machine filters to filter the coffee; twice if necessary, until clear.

filtering cold brewed coffee

3. Serve in tall glasses with plenty of ice cubes and about 2 tsp of condensed milk, or to taste.

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