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Sun, 20 August, 2023

I posted my one thousandth recipe yesterday – celebrations! I know it doesn’t sound so impressive to the big guys, girls and non-binary pals of recipe websites out there, but I am impressed with myself and so is The Weather Man.

I think it's not too shabby an achievement considering that it started off as a side project, with me in a full time (and full-on) job. Also considering I work completely on my own, a one-man band of a cook, photographer, writer, editor and publisher. And that all of my recipes are actual food that subsequently gets served for breakfast, lunch and dinner (mostly cold of course). So not too bad, if I say so myself.

So, while I’m off to celebrate (perhaps with a glass of strawberry fizz, or maybe with a jug of Pimm’s as it’s still summer), here’s a handful of my most popular recipes. They actually make a very nice menu for a celebration day, don’t you think?

For breakfast, you could have a soft white bap with bramble jelly – timely, as they’re just plumping up in the hedges, ready for foraging. And an oats and dried fruit bar as a mid-morning snack.

For lunch, you could have baked scamorza, with a good slice of Poilâne-style sourdough bread. Or perhaps baked figs with blue cheese?

And dinner must be perfect fillet steak, which is incidentally also my personal favourite recipe, though I have since tried, successfully, to cook steak in many different ways. The steak will be garnished with crispy tobacco onions and served with garlicky runner beans and/or buttered spinach on the side.

And dessert is clearly looking to be strawberry and cream Victoria sponge, my most popular cake by far.

A huge thank-you to my readers and recipe users! I would have thrown in the towel at recipe number 57 if it wasn’t for you all. Happy cooking, and keep visiting CuisineFiend for a thousand more recipes!

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