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Nibbles for pyjama day

Sat, 17 October, 2020

It’s wet and windy and infections are on the rise – three good reasons to have a pyjama day some time soon. Next Saturday or Sunday, or whenever you can afford, spend the whole day cocooned in your favourite PJs and a blanket. Reading or box-setting, watching people play games or in my case researching recipes. Sounds like bliss, but even in PJs you have to eat.

Nibbles then, obviously prepped the day or two before (PJD a serious event and has to be well prepared): maple roasted nuts, because homemade are unbeatable? Ham crisps or kale crisps, depending on your preference? Maybe oregano cheese straws or seeded oatcakes? And of course a large supply of biscuits, to dunk in endless cups of tea or cocoa that come with blanket days by default. Ginger and molasses cookies, or snickerdoodles are both easy and dunkable.

And then for dinner you could have nachos (prep chilli in advance, con carne or con corn) or all-day breakfast quesadillas. Hasselback chorizo is also a great lazy option. And yes, I know opening a can is the laziest, but try making ahead your own broccoli and stilton soup and freeze it in portions. So much better!

Keep warm then, keep safe and have a nice PJ Day!

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