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Summery picnicky dishes

Sat, 13 July, 2019

I’m back home for good now, after full-sized hols and a mini-break. I’ve had some wonderful food eating out and some epic barbecues in our rental place: the French will never cease to amaze me foodwise (and mostly otherwise too). Who knew the restaurateurs there have all embraced Instagram and prepare the dishes like artworks? And they manage to make them tasty at the same time which isn’t the rule. I got inspired in the salad department: smoked salmon with two kinds of melon will be coming soon.

I’m looking forward to home cooking after all that fantastic food cooked for me (also Dorset lobster thermidor – wow. And not bank-breaking) and I think I’ll start with some summery, almost picnicky dishes this week. Not a lot can beat tacos so let’s slow roast a pork belly in oriental flavours or braise beef short ribs, shred the meat and stuff it in tortillas with some fresh cucumbers and pickled jalapenos. If you don’t eat meat, cook Mexican tomato rice and use as taco filling with plenty of fresh tomatoes and grated sharp cheese.

You don’t want the oven blasting full steam if it’s hot outside – the perfect excuse for low temperature cooking. I am a huge fan and swear the outcome is comparable to sous-vide cooked meat or fish, only without the expensive kit. Slow and low roasted fish with saffron sauce might convince you, or else sirloin of beef roasted at low temperature. You could serve either with marinated fennel salad or zingy carrots.

Does avocado and bean salad sound appealing? Wait till you taste the crispy garlic topping. How about baked three mushroom rice? Make some flash pickles to go with it, or with anything else.

The cake of the week will certainly be something with soft fruit: maybe buckwheat berry striped tart or blueberry poppy cake? With a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I love summer.

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