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How to use Easter leftovers

Sun, 1 April, 2018

We are now thoroughly fed up with winter – what is this about? When is it going to end? It's completely out of order. I remember an Easter a few years ago when we actually had our Easter Sunday lunch outside – that is a fond memory. This year it's been rain, more rain and snow if you were extremely unlucky or live in Scotland. Now let's look forward to the summer; and all we have left after the holiday is lots of chocolate so it’s not all bad.

A few years ago I made banana blondies with Harry Hopalot, Easter chocolate bunny, who thus became figuratively a lucky member of the band (Harry - Blondie - geddit?). There’s no reason you shouldn’t do it post-Easter if you have white chocolate confections left over. Another use of lots of chocolate (I know – other, bizarrely, than just EATING it) could be this really simple chocolate yoghurt cake: easy, not too heavy and very rewarding.

What else have we got left over: lamb or ham? Either can be stuffed into peppers or made into lamb pastillas and I have a mind to do one of those in the coming week. If you have no meat left over because you are of the meat-free disposition, go for filo snails filled with spinach and cheese.

Something lighter after the Easter Sunday roast might involve fish: how about spiced monkfish? Tip: go for a really big chunk at your fishmonger and he’s bound to sell it to you at a good price. Or you could get a large piece of spanking fresh haddock or cod and replicate a good chippy standard fish and chips at home. Yes – it’s a mess. Yes – it’s dealing with enormous amounts of used oil. And yes – it’s not so healthy but fish & chips aficionados in your household will be eternally grateful. If you don’t want the deep fry hassle, check out the oven baked fish and chips.

Finally – it’s time for bread. I had a friend round the other day for an informal Tartine sourdough lesson and she loved it: you might too. My instructions are hopefully clear enough.

The final thought is for breakfast: try the Elvis-inspired bacon and banana combo. My daughter is getting married in Vegas this week, that’s my excuse. The King lives!

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