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January means the food austerity programme

Sun, 1 January, 2017

Right - that's it. After today, when we'll be feeding on party food bits and eyeing up the obscene amounts of cheese that people brought round, the austerity begins. Gym memberships will be renewed, early morning swim sessions will resemble a city lido on the hottest day and you won't be able to walk on the paths for joggers. Clean living will gain renewed interest though I hope we're past the spiralization and sweet potato with everything.

We'll realise we're fat. Oh, okay - only the unlucky some of us.

I have posted random musings on weight loss here for what they're worth, but what works for me might not work for you. So what shall we cook this week indeed?

Baked vegetables must be good for everyone so how about baked fennel as a side for ordinary people and as a main for superheroes of restraint? Roasted beetroot casserole is another interesting idea and it is actually filling.

Meat eaters - frugal, filling and fantastically delishhh, that's what meatloaf is about. And if you mince your own, the bonus of a workout! Steak and grilled vegetables is an easy supper and a winner if you decline any carbs with it.

Fish, fish - we must have fish in January. Steamed AND orientally flavoured will work best: here's my whole steamed sea bass, all you need is wok. And if you want fillets, cook them simply: pan-fried with crispy skin and a few green veg. Or don't cook your fish at all and have a tartare - tasty and a miracle for some people's metabolism.

And for all those disgustingly lucky, hatefully skinny, unfairly fortunate creatures who did NOT put on weight over the last two weeks and can still eat biscuits - blue cheese and oats biscuits or how to use up those stacks of blue cheese lingering in the fridge. Happy New Year everyone!

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