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Toss pasta with the sauce in a wok

How do you dress fresh pasta? Do you drain it into a colander, then add the sauce precooked in a small skillet into the pasta pan, ending up with so much washing up? Do you use a frying pan and have sauce/pasta spilling over the sides? Or do you use a bowl (okay - that's still valid for carbonara) and let the pasta get cold?

Wok spaghetti is a thing!

Wok is a fantastically versatile vessel and made in heaven to mix pasta with its sauce. I wouldn't boil the pasta in it - that's still better done in a large pot - but I prepare my sauce in the wok.The pasta is cooked al dente, I use a slotted spoon or tongs to transfer it into the wok and sauce and the tall sides keep everything in. Stirring and tossing is dead easy, seeing as the pan is made for stirring..

I have a cheap light wok with a long handle specially reserved for pasta purpose. Any surface is fine, non-stick or not as pasta is not as demanding as proper stir-fries!

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