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creme eggs

Fri, 19 April, 2019


homemade creme eggs

The amount of sugar one Cadbury Creme Egg contains is truly terrifying; thankfully Easter only comes round once a year. I can smugly say a whole full-size Cadbury Egg defeats me so I only ever go for the mini ones. Okay – three at a time…

Making them at home sadly won’t reduce the sugar content much but it sure will be more fun for the little ones than going to the supermarket. Isn’t it a Good Way of spending Good Friday?

The plastic or silicone moulds for Easter eggs usually carry pretty comprehensive instructions for how to go about filling them with melted chocolate, but I've included a fancy and a quick method of preparing chocolate. The filling is – yeah, you guessed – basically icing sugar mixed with some butter but I got the idea of adding corn syrup for extra gooeyness from Instructables. Happy Easter!

creme eggs

Servings: a dozen mini eggsTime: about an hour


  • 300g (10oz.) milk chocolate chips or broken up pieces
  • For the filling:
  • 20g (1 heaping tbsp.) butter
  • 60g (4 tbsp.) light corn syrup
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 100g (¾ cup) icing sugar
  • yellow food colouring


1. You will need a plastic Easter egg mould for small/mini eggs. Chocolate should be tempered to make it smooth, shiny and snappy but for a quick and easy hack use a microwave

creme eggs

2. How to temper chocolate: place most of the chips or broken chocolate pieces in a bowl over bain-marie or a saucepan with a little simmering water; make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Keep it on minimum heat without stirring, until the chocolate is almost melted. Add the remaining chocolate and stir it in with a spoon; keep stirring for at least 5 minutes, or until the temperature of the chocolate goes down to 30 - 33C. Use immediately.

3. Quick hack for melting chocolate: place it in a bowl and microwave for 1 – 2 minutes at low power (600-450W) or until it visibly softens but does not melt entirely. Remove it from the microwave and stir with a spoon until smooth. Use immediately.

4. Make the chocolate shells by brushing chocolate in at least two layers over the moulds, refrigerating for 10 minutes after each layer. If the chocolate starts to set, zap it in the microwave for a few seconds or keep it on the bain-marie.

5. To make the filling, melt the butter with the corn syrup over the bain-marie or in a microwave. Add the vanilla and beat in the icing sugar until smooth. Remove a third into a separate bowl and stir in the yellow food colouring.

6. When the shells are set, spoon a blob of the white and a drop of the yellow filling into each half and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Pop the halves out of the mould when set.

filled creme eggs

7. Working quickly in order not to melt the eggs by touch, dot a little chocolate over the edges and meld the halves together. Alternatively press a knife heated in boiling water against the edges and join the halves.
You can make solid eggs in the same way by filling up the moulds. Add some sprinkles to the moulds for decoration.  

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