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Calamari and chorizo

Sat, 18 February, 2017


Calamari and chorizo

I love eating squid, I just hate cleaning it. The fishmonger in my local market usually sells cleaned up, gutted and scaled fish, but squid sits there, all inky and covered in the awful sticky membrane, with the random piece of plastic they call ‘the cuttle’ inserted in the middle. Get rid of all that, just about, and you still have the snot inside the tube; so my favourite way of cutting it - into rings - means you have to clean each ring individually, scraping the snotty bits from the inside.

Forget about tentacles: eyes glaring at you need to be removed and, as with many seafood creatures, you never quite know where to cut off the inedible bits. Beak. Ink sac. Urghh. I know - shop in the supermarket, woman.

Once cleaned though (or bought cleaned!), squid is a cinch to cook, it just needs a gutsy flavour to go with it - like chorizo. My view is this is a match made in heaven - and one of those ‘only three ingredients!’ kind of recipes whose authors for some reason are inordinately proud of.

calamari and chorizo

Servings: per personTime: 15 minutes


  • Per person:
  • 30g spicy cooking chorizo
  • 3 spring onions
  • 1-2 cleaned squid tube
  • a small knob of butter
  • salt and pepper

Squid, chorizo, spring onions



If you can’t get cooking chorizo, the dry-cured, ready to eat type will do as well; spicy rather than mild will work better with squid.

2. Slice the chorizo into 2-3mm thin discs. Clean and trim the spring onions and cut them into 4cm sticks. Rinse the squid tube, pat it dry and slice into 1cm rings.

3. Place the chorizo in a non-stick pan or skillet over medium heat. Cook it for a few minutes until it crispens slightly and releases the fat. Add the spring onion with the knob of butter and stir fry for a few more minutes.

Squid fried with chorizo

4. Season the squid with salt and pepper, turn the heat up to high and add the squid to the pan. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, tossing and turning the squid frequently until it turns opaque and forms round rings.

5. Serve immediately, straight in the pan if you like.

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