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Waiting for asparagus season

Mon, 18 April, 2022

Judging by the popularity of my lamb recipes, that's what most of us dished out on Easter Sunday. Post-Easter leftovers are not as troublesome as post-Christmas ones but still, you might have some roast lamb lounging in the fridge. And there’s all the chocolate!

Roast lamb can be used up in many wonderful ways, all of them basically meaning chopping or shredding it up, mixing with a little cheese/rice/onion and a lot of seasoning, and wrapping it up in pastry. As I always say, sometimes leftovers are better than the original roast, plus food wrapped in pastry always tastes good. So that's a double goodness whammy.

So lamb pastillas could be your meal one night this week, or if you add spinach, it could be a Greek lamb and spinach pie. It will go a long way if served with lemon potato wedges, also Greek style.

Then, if you should feel a meat overload after the past few days, light vegetarian meals will be on order. Maybe a giant couscous salad (it’s the couscous that’s giant not the salad), or yu xiang aubergine served with plain rice. Maybe roasted vegetables with feta, or takeaway-style sesame noodles?

And by the end of the week they might finally turn up! Asparagus season usually means I eat hardly any other vegetables but buttered asparagus, wrapped in filo or raw, thinly sliced into a wonderful salad. Bring them on!

Uneaten Easter eggs (if it’s a thing, which I’m not entirely certain of) can be turned into a great and relatively light chocolate yoghurt cake. Or chopped up into pistachio and chocolate chip cookies. And if there’s no more chocolate and, like me, you bought first strawberries which turned out to be tasteless and hard, make them into strawberry yoghurt cake. And wait for the good stuff.

Happy cooking!

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