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Dreaming about rich food is calorie free

Sun, 17 January, 2021

I wonder how many people can identify with my dilemma? Here's how it goes: I am anxious to get rid of the post-Christmas excess luggage around my waist and so trying to eat less (HAM: Half As Much is my mantra). But the weather, the pandemic, the lockdown and a few other things ravaging the world since last year make for no diet-friendly environment.

Everything’s pants so I’ll just cheer myself up with several toasted cheese sandwiches or a big bag of crisps I’d stockpiled last spring. Except weight loss and happy wellbeing will cheer me up more and for longer, albeit in the long term. Nothing like a cheese sandwich for instant gratification. Just one. And I’ll quit eating bread tomorrow.

I have an idea: I’ll write about lovely comfort food instead of eating it. If my problem is your problem, I hope you’ll forgive me this fantasy food week this week. And if you get inspired, unless you’re that horrible ever-skinny person, remember: Half As Much.

I want cinnamon raisin challah buns for breakfast. Or chocolate braided bread with an enormous mug of hot chocolate. What about a slice or three of pumpkin bread? Or St Louis gooey butter cake? Mmmmmm.

That cheese on toast has a posh version: baked scamorza, and it’s gorgeous. I’d like it for lunch, every day. Or else camembert en croute, a little more elaborate but worth the effort. And we'll always have tartiflette if we can’t have Alps.

Mid-afternoon is time for a slice of burnt chocolate blondie or one or two jewelled cookies. And dinner could be a bowlful of cassoulet with a heel of freshly baked Poilane bread. Thickly spread with homemade butter.

If cassoulet sounds like hard work, meatballs with tomato bulgur would make me smile too. Or pork stroganoff with a mountain of mashed potatoes. Or a carbonara bake.

Gues what: writing about these foods has made me feel better! Dreaming is (calorie) free. I can face my skinny salad for dinner bravely now. Hope reading this has cheered you up too – keep it up and stay safe!

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