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Things look brighter over a bowl of homemade soup

Sat, 19 September, 2020

Summer, both astronomical, meteorological (why can’t they agree on one date?) and actual has definitely gone, gone, gone. The last weeks were beautiful but now we’re all going to be tucked in and not going out – or back by ten – for six months. It’s gloomy – but then there are soups.

Autumn warmers can lift the spirits too if you’re down in the dumps about your job, social distancing, masks or the economy. It’s a cliché, but things do look brighter over a bowl of French onion soup or a plate of homemade baked beans with bacon.

Let’s try pies this week, it’s one of those things you definitely only fancy when the rain and wind howl outside. Pork is unfairly missed out from pies (unless in the shape of mince with jelly) and there’s no reason why it should be – this pork and girolle pie is as good as, if not better than the classic steak and ale pie. Fennel and taleggio, or Greek style spanakopita in much lighter filo crust can be the veggie choice. And absolutely everybody will love tomato Tatin – even if it’s not strictly a pie.

For sides to those pies you could choose the gorgeous healthy coleslaw or winter rainbow salad which you really don’t need to wait for till December. Make a jar of fig confit to go with the pies too, while the lovely Bursa ones are in abundance.

Dessert must be a pie as well, obviously: apple pie for a classic, Linzer torte for less common. Or just a batch of Canadian butter tarts – they are pies all right!

Take a look at my YouTube channel and subscribe – I’m working to increase my video portfolio so watch out. Keep well. Keep cooking – it will keep your spirits up!

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