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New ways to cook chicken

Sat, 3 October, 2020

We have all, I hope, been cooking a lot since March, with a brief, manic respite granted by Eat Out To Help Out recently. Which is all very good; after all home cooking is my mantra and one of the aims of this blog is to encourage more people to cook more. But aren’t we all really bored of chicken?

I know I am – so let me share some chicken ideas here for next week. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a novel way to prepare the damn bird? It’s just so easy, nobody minds eating it and it can be cooked in varied ways – to a point.

I have recently come up with the chicken, corn and feta combo and it’s been one of my favourites lately. Another is kung pao chicken, delicious but not one for nut allergy sufferers. Or make your own teriyaki sauce which is really not a great effort for a series of teriyaki chicken dinners. The sauce is also good with salmon.

There’s chicken under the skillet for fans of chicken thighs and chicken Milanese for those who like things in breadcrumbs. I love chicken saltimbocca, fried with a slice of Parma ham, but you might prefer a chicken couscous salad or Caesar salad with a twist. More on chicken pages – that’s your chance to find something new to do with the faithful poultry!

What’s for dessert? Grapes, figs and apples are in season so apart from making jars of delicious apple marmalade you could bake apple kuchen. Sticky fig cake with fresh figs is another idea, and if you think grapes don’t go in cakes, you’re wrong. Schiacciata con l’uva, Tuscan sweet grape bread is there to prove it.

Hope you stay safe, eat well and keep cooking. Coming soon: roast venison with chocolate sauce and savoury couronne bread!

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