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Ice cream special

Sat, 13 June, 2020

Is it time? Is it the time yet for mass ice cream production? For discovering new flavours, trying to work out how to make it skinny AND tasty, making it with and without ice cream machine? Oh, I think it is.

No ice cream sundaes at cafes available yet, and I’m not too sure about getting an ice lolly from supermarket and eating it on the way home, without washing hands and everything. Either way, it is so easy to make ice cream at home, free from additives and exactly the degree of sweetness you like that I don’t know what you’re still waiting for: get churning!

No machine, no problem – if you have a blender that will fit in your freezer, or a mini-chopper or similar, place your ice cream mix in it and freeze. Out every hour or so to give it a quick whiz and it’s as good as made by Sage or Cuisinart. The artisan, manual and tedious way is to smash the ice crystals by hand but I don’t believe it works very well; if you don’t have a blender, use a hand held mixer with dough hooks (those weird spiral endings you never use).

There’s plenty to choose from: summer berry, fro-yo, skinny and full fat, ripple and savoury avocado. You should make the ice cream accessories too: choux pastry sandwich cases, filo cones or sponge fingers; plus chocolate mousse and you’re ready to build your own exquisite sundae.

Not by ice cream alone though, regrettably, so what to cook in between scoops? Twice cooked pork fillet for example, served maybe with courgette fritters (yes, it’s that time of year coming…). Prawn tacos will make a speedy supper and cheesy chicken nuggets a bit more involved but enthusiastically welcome by the young generation. The nuggets could come with marinated fennel salad thus making it twenty times healthier than a visit to KFC.

Let’s not forget broad beans which are gorgeous now: Persian rice with broad beans can be a vegetarian main or a side to grilled red mullet if you’re lucky to get some – it should be in season but shopping for fresh fish is tricky still, I find.

If you still find yourself with time on your hands, cure your own salmon. Make butter. Clot cream. You can find cooking challenges in my pages as well as easy-peasy recipes so have a browse. Stay safe and get churning!

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