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Soup and traybakes weather

Sat, 15 August, 2020

We seem to have gone from tropical summer to English autumn overnight; it was hot and wet before and now it’s just wet. It feels reassuringly normal – those tropical nights and mid-thirties daytime temperatures are all very well if everywhere is air conditioned or at least you have thick walls, shutters and a siesta.

But the normal is a tomato killer, sadly. It looked like we were going to have drying, saucing and pureeing going full steam but now I’m going to have to pretend the green tomatoes are tomatillos and make green salsa for chicken enchiladas – which is a bit of a comfort. Some ripe ones I can certainly turn into homemade tomato sauce and freeze in batches, for a winterlong of pasta and pizzas.

It almost feels like soup weather, or something warm and comforting like potato and chorizo traybake. If the weather turns unexpectedly, I could put that chorizo in a paella, with or without seafood. Since recently I forgot to put in chicken and it was delicious, it proves paella can be as freelance as you wish, as long as purists don’t frown.

I’d like to get hold of some red mullet at the fishmonger’s as it should be in season and it’s my favourite fish. I could serve it with red cabbage kimchi I set to ferment a while ago and it could be now mature enough to eat; I strongly encourage you to get a jar going. And if you haven’t yet, try the roasted smashed potatoes which I’ve been making with the garden spuds and can’t get enough of.

Hey, isn’t it time for game coming soon? I have a flicker of hope this year’s grouse might be flogged cheaper as restaurants don’t buy; that’s how I managed to get fat big scallops in shells cheaply a month or so back. But if not, wild duck is a treat too, and wild pigeon positively a bargain so worth looking out at butchers’ or wherever you buy your meat from. Aside, I’m so glad shopping habits seem to be turning towards the local or responsible online farm shops and delivery.

Finally, the cake of the week could be the double decker cherry cake, a weird one where you prebake the base to prevent fruit from dropping to the bottom as is its wont. Or perhaps the plum brioche with crumble topping if bread baking doesn’t daunt you? It should daunt nobody, the only issue with it is to start it early enough in the day that you can sample it freshly baked when it’s the best.

That’s it for this week, subscribe to and follow anything related to Cuisine Fiend please and that includes Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Until next week!

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