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Chicken and pork dishes plus noodles and apples

Sat, 7 September, 2019

I have just been completely blown away by learning of the existence of a game called Cooking Simulator. You read it right: for twenty euro, dollars or pounds (not quite that much but any minute) you can ‘become the ultimate chef [in] a highly polished, realistic kitchen equipped with all kinds of utensils and stands.’ Bakery Simulator is coming soon.

Comments on the live developer’s stream were much like my first reaction: WTF? But some people said they loved the game and couldn’t wait for cakes and pastries upgrade. As far as I could see from the screenshots, you can blow things up or set the kitchen on fire which might be fun but otherwise? If you didn’t end up with edible result, why would you bother???

It’s worse than licking the windows; it’s regressing to dolls’ tea parties without even the reality of mud cakes and grass cuttings. It’s such an awful idea I have no other way but to buy it and have a go.

IRL in the meantime highly edible things this week: chicken rarebit for instance, and serve it with fried mushrooms. Or pork stroganoff with plain noodles or mash.

No meat, no problem: sesame noodles takeaway style and smashed cucumber salad. If it’s fish you fancy, sprats should be back in season and there are few things as simple, tasty and cheap as a bunch of fried sprats with spicy mayo.

If you bake bread and are looking for inspiration, how about stuffing your bread dough with sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers to make ‘slippers’; perfect for lunch. They will taste even better with a Persian cucumber dip, mast o khiar, which is like tzatziki only better. And don’t miss out on figs, in season again: bake them with a drop of balsamic and lots of blue cheese.

You can finish it all with an apple Kuchen or an apple pie from scratch for the weekend because guess what – it’s autumn. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and allow push notifications for every new recipe!

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