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Go lean with lots of fish and vegetables

Sat, 23 November, 2019

The holiday season has crept upon us stealthily; those over the ocean are thinking turkeys and sweet potato casseroles already. For you, I have this excellent brined turkey, British-style chestnut stuffing and a cranberry gingerbread cake. I don’t pretend to be an expert but my pumpkin pie isn’t too shabby either. Happy Thanksgiving!

Over here the first mince pies and panettoni have made an appearance in the supermarkets. I am determined to delay stuffing myself with festive goodies as much as possible, to avoid the OH NO NO NO! reaction when stepping on the scales in late December. A couple of weeks of keto before the parties start? A ten-day gf, df, vg stint? Or perhaps just the no-pigging principle? The last I think is the sensible option.

It’s hard, I know – the cold and long nights do not put us in a salad mood. But we can manage with lots of fish and cooked vegetables.

And so you could consider sticky mackerel: easy, healthy and cheap, served with fennel and orange salad. Or you might prefer slow roasted salmon with dill sauce, or else maybe hot butterflied prawns. Make a load of piperade as a side and – bonus! – you can also have it for breakfast, on a lean toast.

Another day make the lemon chilli chicken and have it just with boiled peas. Chicken and mozzarella parcels sound a bit more indulgent but – watch it! – they are wrapped in parchment not in mega-calorific puff pastry. And they taste just as delicious. Or you can use the chicken in the melon and feta salad and nobody will blame you if you get good ready-roasted chicken for it.

No cake this week.

What, no cake???

NO CAKE! There’ll be loads soon enough, and if you’re really desperate for cake, make the pumpkin bread loaf and have it for breakfast. Have a good, lean week.

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