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Keto diet seems appealing after season of overindulgence

Sat, 28 December, 2019

Turkey carcass is still languishing in some places albeit most often turned to soup. The idea of keto diet seems more and more appealing considering the number of mince pies we demolished over the last week. Appealing, especially in the safe knowledge we still have the current week; whoever heard of starting diets before 3rd January? So a few bottles of wine down the line, I’ll join you to investigate the butter-with-everything lifestyle.

For now, we mentioned soup but rissoles are another wonderful leftover meat transformation. Have those with leek coleslaw or spicy aubergines – anything but sprouts or roast carrots. Fish is welcome, even though it will have to be frozen as fishing boats are on well-deserved leave this time of year. Spinach smothered bass perhaps, or a one tray cod with potatoes? You could make shakshuka with poached salmon for dinner – a welcome, vibrant dish after the beige of turkeys and other meats.

I am going to make an effort and prepare a jar of homemade kimchi – that’s a real kick of goodness. Fermented foods are a balm for our gut after the season of overindulgence. If you’re a baker, try making the seeded rye sourdough loaf, another gut-cleansing foodstuff. Instead of butter or spread, make some labneh (strained yoghurt) and whip up a large bowl of mast o khiar, Iranian yoghurt and cucumber dip. I love it even on its own, for breakfast or brunch, or with a sliver of that sourdough rye.

If you still need or crave a cake, make mini Breton gateaux. Or use up the festive nuts and almonds to make maple shortbread bars. But we all know joining the gym would be more beneficial. But anyway, most importantly – thank you everyone for visiting these pages all year long! Happy New Year!

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