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Pumpkin season approaching

Sun, 14 October, 2018

And so we have arrived at the pumpkin season. Pumpkin shaped sourdough is all the rage, one I’ve not yet tried my hand at. The time to carve your pumpkins is soon approaching though these days you can probably buy them ready-carved – or at least a complete carving kit with step by step instructions. And an LED light to put inside the pumpkin because a candle would need its own risk assessment. I so love to sound like a grumpy ancient git!

I focus on cooking, rather than preserving the pumpkins though I must confess I don’t have much use for the vegetable – it’s really totally bland. On the other hand the pumpkin bread is pretty damn good and it comes out in a lovely autumnal colour. Or try your hand at the proper pumpkin pie for the coming holidays across the ocean!

If you don’t fancy it sweet, here’s a munchkin pumpkin cheese fondue; something the kids will certainly enjoy so chalk it up for in a couple weeks’ time. And if you fancy the cheese element but are not so much into pumpkins, here’s the fondue in a fondue pot recipe. Or this one: baked scamorza, where you just chuck the cheese into a dish and bake it.

Pumpkins and cheese aside, I keep promoting game to meat eaters: it’s the great value free range option. Go for roast pheasant for instance for a foretaste of Christmas; yes, sprouts have appeared in the shops. Or the more elaborate option, stuffed de-boned guinea fowl which is quite a project but totally worth it for a special occasion – or just because you fancy it.

Roasted cauliflower or a casserole of roasted beetroot will be a good vegetarian option to serve with a baked potato or just lots of good crusty bread. It could be a no knead loaf, which could be your entry level into the world of homemade bread.

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