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Recipes for the coming week and festive Easter breads and bun for the holiday

Sun, 25 March, 2018

Easter is coming – or is it Christmas? The snow was still there only a week ago, temperatures are ‘below early spring average’ - which is ‘damn cold’ to you and me; and there’s no sign of the faint green hue over the trees which is the first beacon of spring.

Uncommonly early Easter. Uncommonly late bursts of winter. Considering how boring the climate over British Isles is, it’s amazing how many uncommon phenomena we suffer weather-wise; and most of them uncommonly wet, cold or blowy.

That’s it, rant over, and now we can focus on Chocolate Central, aka Easter holiday. I’ve got my Easter chicks out and I’ll soon be baking my first Colomba, which is the Italian Easter bread shaped like a dove. As much toil and trouble to bake one as with panettone, I’ll readily admit, but just as rewarding an end product. And if you’re after a simpler gratification, here’s the best recipe for hot cross buns.

During the week we need some quick recipes, for instance this sticky pork stir fry. Or the easy prawn pasta bake. For the veggie party, a super-quick vegetarian chili made with tinned beans; skip the pickled onions to save time but you’ll miss out.

On Good Friday you could treat yourself to salt and pepper halibut. Thai flavoured grilled trout will be a more sustainable option and it’s as delicious. Serve either fish with raw broccoli salad – next time you make this you’ll want to double the amounts.

If you want to start planning your Easter Sunday lunch, grab a peek at my Easter collection of lambs and hams and Sedgemoor biscuits. And don’t miss out on new recipes – subscribe to Cuisine Fiend’s newsletter!

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