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Sugar tax on fizzy drinks is imminent

Sun, 18 March, 2018

Sugar tax will be introduced on 6 April in the UK. High sugar fizzy drinks, Cokes and Pepsis, Fantas and Lucozades will be carrying a levy of about 20p per litre on average. Not bothered – I don’t drink any, but it seems like a roundabout way of targeting child obesity. Simple though from the authorities' point of view – ban it instead of explaining why it’s wrong. Hike the price instead of encouraging better habits. Give the man a fish. I dread to think what will happen if it turns out cider is cheaper than Fanta.

Anyway, soft drinks are not exactly the sole culprit in obesity debacle, it’s the lack of good eating habits. If you feed yourself and your family with dishes cooked from scratch, you’re less likely to become seriously overweight. Here are some lean, mean and tasty suggestions for this week then.

Ditch the fillers: the potatoes, the rice or noodles, and have just a protein and veg combo. Steak with blue cheese sauce and green vegetables can be an x-large sirloin or rib eye to share. If you want to go without meat, cook a pile of garlic mushrooms and have them with green salad or green beans and tomatoes. Mushrooms are unfairly overlooked as a source of protein.

Having fish for dinner makes you feel healthy and good about yourself, especially if it’s as easy and tasty as the sea bass baked with spinach. Any white fish fillets will work too, just adjust the cooking time if they are super-thick. Or go for stir fried salmon with lemon and ginger – it’s a one wok dish if you forgo noodles.

Don’t forget breakfast. How about banana and bacon? Or savoury porridge? The latter can double up as lunch, just vary the toppings.

And if you really, really must have something for afters, dessert, pudding, postres – how about a sugar-free wholemeal ricotta cake? And it tastes quite alright actually. But don’t forget to check out my Easter Collection – contary to what I'm preaching this week, loads of sugar will be coming up soon.

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