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Recipes for cold weather as late winter surprises us with a Siberian freeze

Sun, 25 February, 2018

And just when we thought winter has been and gone and were getting ready to spot the buds on magnolias, here comes the Siberian shuffle. -10C! Not a twitch above 0C during the day! The Weather Man is getting very excited about the prospect of new snow, second time this winter and I’m getting slightly apprehensive about getting the car off the drive and our central heating. Ah well. If we’re all stuck at home with blizzards and frost outside, we can cook a lot, no?

First things first: I can feel a brownie coming up this week. Brownie cutting is the tricksiest point for me – this recipe is easy-peasy to make but cutting? I always end up with godawful mess. A tomato knife or a throwaway plastic knife is supposed to be the key – try it out this week.

Or make some chocolate cookies instead: the triple choc chip cookie dough needs to sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours. What? No kidding, but of course make them and bake them on the same day; they will be just marginally not as divine as the chilled option.

Chocolate is great for cold weather, and the oven on in the kitchen doesn’t hurt. What will we be cooking for dinners? I’m thinking of something rich, reassuring and oven-baked, like cassoulet. Or meatball casserole with tomato sauce. Both these options assume that you won’t get out to work due to transport disruptions and the casseroles will twinkle in the oven while you work from home. A winter rainbow salad would be appropriate as a side to both the cassoulet and the meatballs.

No meat? How about potatoes and cheese then? I thought so. Hasselback gratin is hard to get to look pretty (as my picture shows) but who needs pretty when it’s so delicious? And just a green salad to go with it.

If you do manage to travel to work after all and it’s late weeknights as usual, cook pasta: fennel and gorgonzola fettuccine, with or without bacon. Or grill lamb neck fillets and have them with stir fried cabbage – as far as I’m concerned it could even be: stir fried cabbage, hold the lamb.

And if you can spare the time, bake a tray of Buchteln: that’s the best possible breakfast when it’s chilly and snowy outside.

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