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Sun, 23 December, 2018

I trust everything is now ready and everyone is in the mood for cheer and good will. Oh well, an odd argument on Christmas Day is nothing much to worry about – it can’t be avoided. Like: why did we have to invite THOSE TWO again? Is two kilos of sprouts not a tad too much for a table of six, with four out of those detesting sprouts like plague? It IS too much – we are trying to waste less food this year. Or whether 10 in the morning is too early to start on the Crémant (mark my words – it is the new Prosecco only better)? No, of course it isn’t, you need it to wrap 24 pigs in blankets.

But I hope the bickering will be minor, the spirits high and the minds open. Don’t panic – the turkey will probably be dry but as long as there are enough roast potatoes, everyone will be happy.

The usual assorted suspects including meats, sides, and desserts are on my Christmas Collection page, if you need a last minute dive. There’s the new meringue roulade to use the egg white stash in the jar. There are Brussels sprouts like you never had them before, cooked two ways and fit even for the sprout haters. And there is pandoro, the most buttery cake that has ever existed.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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