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Summer recipes for those not on holidays

Fri, 3 August, 2018

Are you on the beach? By the poolside with a colourful drink? Walking in the Pyrenees? Cycling around Lake Garda? Camping in Snowdonia? Surfing off Watergate Bay? Trying to entertain five between three and fifteen in Center Parks?

If any of the above or similar applies to you, stop reading now. This is for those unfortunate souls that are not on hols and have to – want to – cook this week.

Because you know, summer is all very well but it does impose some obligations. Like jams for instance, and we have in the UK an uncommonly early burst of ripe brambles. And what’s better than homemade bramble jelly on buttered toast in the middle of November? You might also consider strawberry or raspberry jam, and it is perfectly feasible to make just one jar if you don’t own an orchard.

There are courgettes as well, of course and there are always too many of them. Stuffed courgettes are a good summer dish and if you REALLY have SUCH a glut, bake a courgette bread loaf or several. And you may do the same even if you call the vegetable ‘zucchini’.

And blueberries: have you tried using them in savoury dishes? Here’s rather good pork loin roast with blueberry sauce. New season fondant carrots could go with it nicely. And if you’re a traditionalist, make the mascarpone blueberry cake or blueberry muffins.

Finally – so what if you’re not on holiday? The summer is here (the storms just a passing blip) so fire up the barbecue at the weekend; I have some good barbecue solutions to share. With ice cream for dessert. Who needs to go away?

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