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Sun, 1 October, 2017

CuisineFiend has and all-new recipe search: you can look by main ingredient, by type of course (did you know ‘preserves’ was a course? so now I’ve told you), season or cuisine; and there’s the whole baking section. I have also a great new resource: world food map with recipes scattered across the globe. Hope more will be appearing outside Europe soon as for now I’m too much too close to home. More diversity, Fiend!

So make sure to have a good browse through all the contents pages and check out Recipe Map. You might find some inspiration there for what to cook this week.

If you prefer an easy option, here’s this week’s WTCTW. Apples are plenty – I haven’t got any garden ones this year (nor last year, nor next year, but that’s another story) but I picked up a few beautiful apples down the road the other day, from a help-yourself box placed outside a house. So it might be a strudel baking week. Or maybe you prefer figs? Those are bang in season and will make a great dessert just baked with balsamic vinegar and honey, and perhaps a crumb or two of Stilton or Gorgonzola. Figs and cheese are as perfect a match as The Weather Man and I so how about the fig confit to serve with cheese? Or just eat straight out of the jar, it’s that tasty.

The confit will be good with cold leftover roast in sandwiches so I suggest get hold of British rose veal (or your native humanely reared equivalent) topside and roast it, with plenty for leftovers. It’s a surprisingly nice roast, a treat especially for those keen on very lean meat.

Are we game yet? Partridge is usually the first game bird sold at a reasonable price and it really is a nice one, not too dry even if spent too long in the oven. Here’s the roast partridge recipe, and you’ll be seasonal (and anecdotal) if you serve it after, with or before spiced baked pears.

And if meat isn’t your thing, or you just fancy an autumnal bowl of soup, how about leek and potato? It’s my all-time favourite. Or make a vegetable gratin, another great autumnal warmer for longer and longer evenings. A large portion of creamy parsnip and some green salad. Let’s keep warm!

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