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Make a pie this week

Sun, 5 November, 2017

The fireworks are still echoing and I bet we keep finding rocket debris in the gardens. The dog will emerge from under the sofa by Monday and the cats return home later in the week. I imagine the back garden firework displays will sooner or later become history, which will make the pet owners cheer and the children boo. Bonfires are a thing of the past already – probably due to the fire hazard they constitute. I hope everyone at least will still enjoy their toffee apples.

This week should have at least one pie day. If you really, REALLY can’t be bothered to make your own pastry (although it’s worth it), go for shop bought shortcrust, all butter, and stuff it with Camembert or Brie. Camembert en croute is vegetarian and beautifully comforting when the nights are pulling in. Or make a fish pie – no pastry required.

Fancy a sweet pie for dessert? Yes, me too. Apple pie is a classic, or go one further and make a pumpkin and cranberry pie, my twist on the classic from across the Atlantic.

I think I fancy gammon of some description for one night this week: gammon or ham hock is cheap and really tasty. And for a quicker dish pork steaks with clementines might be a good idea. They look fancy but are really easy to prepare.

A fish idea is very simple this week: whole roasted sea bass. And you can make the fennel salad to go with it while it’s cooking. Tip: swap the orange from the recipe for a thinly sliced pear. Gorgeous. The rest of the pears can be baked with spices and blue cheese for lunch, starter, side or dessert - or just because you fancy them.

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