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Sun, 7 May, 2017

Can you get bored of your favourite foods? Has anyone tried to eat the same dish day in, day out? And I'm not talking about that bloke who cooks turkey and listens to Queen's speech every day. I guess no one has ever offered to me an endless supply of wild mushrooms so I could put it to the test; nor am I able to afford lobster often enough to be bored of it. But really the trouble is, I like too many things. There's variety ensured.

So let's see about my favourite stuff this week - since it's me in the position of power i.e. writing here. I'll definitely see about cooking beef burgers this week. I know, it's not BBQ weather in England yet; or it might have been and gone back in April. But a good burger is a dish for all seasons.

If you decide to follow suit and make my burgers from scratch, how about baking some buns for them too? It won't get any better than that, burgerwise. The go-to burger buns are superior to any shop-bought buns and not that tricky to bake.

I won't get a lobster but prawns are easy - and seafood is always high on my list. Spicy prawns in a skillet with garlic and sriracha is a lunch or dinner ready in minutes. Or get hold of some decent tomatoes, they are starting to turn up with some flavour, and make the stewed tomatoes with prawns.

Things we like the best are often expensive, uncommon or hard to prepare - not so pasta. Ah damn, I forgot another drawback - it's deadly carbs! But I might risk a pasta bake this week - penne with leeks and mushrooms for instance; and it's meat free too.

My favourite bread? Easy - bagels. Okay, not so easy seeing as they need to get boiled before they bake but that's just one extra pot to wash up, and I promise bagels are thoroughly worth it.

I'll end with dessert of course and it's the easiest bit to decide: carrot cake! This recipe takes about 7 minutes to mix, carrot grating included. And if I could really have my way, I'd bake meringues for mini pavlovas - desserts don't get better than that.

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