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Ideas for packed lunch to take to the office

Sun, 26 March, 2017

I hope all the mothers out there got their breakfasts in bed and that the toast wasn't too burnt. Mother's Day and the weekend is an hour shorter this year - there's no justice.

From Monday, we won't be (yet) feeling hungry at lunchtime because of the clocks going forward - at least that's what happens to me. So how about some light lunch ideas? And most of them are takeable to the office, which is a plan so much better than leaving a small fortune at Pret every day.

Poke bowl - chuck some mega fresh fish chunks into a tub/lunchbox with some sesame, soy sauce and seaweed seasoning if you have any. Plus a few pieces of avocado or red pepper and here's lunch. Just make sure you put it in the fridge at work. And the seaweed, if you buy it specially for the poke, can get used in these nifty olive crackers. Easy to make and you'll thank yourself for taking a few to work for that interminable hour between 3 and 4 pm.

Leftover roast? No sandwiches! They only get soggy. Wrap some slices in foil, with greenery or red pepper slices again and buy some pita bread on the way to work. Toast it (surely you have toasters in the office, even in the public sector?) and stuff with your fillings at lunchtime. And then at the weekend you can do it with Korean fire meat: bulgogi.

Roast a chicken rotisserie style one night, and the couscous salad with cold chicken can be made ahead and packed for office. And if you're meat free, make filo snails stuffed with spinach and mushrooms for supper - and if you make a couple surplus, they'll be delicious cold on the next day.

Talking about snails - cinnamon swirls are tempting any time of day. And once you've mastered this basic sweet dough - not hard at all - you can diversify into cherryapricot or blueberry buns and that will be a month of breakfasts sorted. Happy diversification!

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