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Backlash against clean eating

Sun, 23 July, 2017

Apparently there’s been a backlash against clean eating, contributed to, not least, by Angry Chef Anthony Warner whose book The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating follows his blog. From the sound of it, I could have written it since I’ve been ranting about the kale and chia nonsense for ages here. Thank God for Anthony, thank God for TV’s Dr Christian Jessen who says the fad is more dangerous than a daily diet of Coca-Cola. But did it have to take people to actually start falling ill to see the dirty side of clean eating?

We’ll eat dirty this week, I’ve decided. Do wash your hands still, please, and keep your kitchen worktops tidy, but no shred of kale in sight, and we’ll actually use (warning: dirty words will follow!) SUGAR. And DAIRY. And WHEAT, lots of it.

Pita breads are deliciously full of gluten and so easy to make that you can have a stab at it as your first bread ever. Then during the week just cook some sizzling beef one evening, show the pita breads a toaster and stuff them with the beef, for a Middle/Far Eastern fusion (that will place it somewhere in Mongolia I guess).

More gluten? Yes please: how about a lovely pasta dish with fresh tomatoes, which are finally starting to arrive half-decently ripe. Or, if you’re lucky enough to get hold of some girolles or chanterelles which should be now appearing, make penne with wild mushrooms. There’s superfood for you.

Sugar next, and salt, will be needed in copious quantities for a homemade teriyaki sauce – and it will be so worth the effort. Once you’ve made a batch of the sauce, a teriyaki chicken or salmon cooked in the same way will be the highlight of the week. Tastewise; and I don’t think it will do you any harm healthwise.

Pork parmigiana is not paleo, it’s not carb-free or dairy-free, it’s got breadcrumbs in it and fried meat – it might be the ultimate dirty dish! And if you are prepared to make the effort it will be a real feast. But in case you wanted to remain meat free, a vegetable parmigiana (with lots of cheese) may be an option.

Finally, dessert – not awfully healthy, not fat or sugar free; with no sweeteners, agave or stevia but with lots of ripe cherries slap bang in season. A slice of summer cherry cake will cheer you up this week, but have just a slice or two. Let’s be honest: moderation is the only secret to healthy living.

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