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What the Health

Sun, 6 August, 2017

‘What the Health’ is a Netflix documentary produced by a team that includes Joaquin Phoenix (oh no! I used to like him so much!) and it’s a vehicle for militant vegans. While I have totally nothing against veganism on ethical grounds, this time they’ve shaken the spear of health at carni- and eggi-vores.

The claims made in the film (eggs are deadlier than cigarettes, risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer is shockingly higher for non-vegans; yes, even poor vegetarians get it) are basically scientific hogwash. Like so often, data is taken out of context and stats are bent to shape to serve the purpose.

As I said, ethics is admirable – that’s why I try to only eat free range meat, eggs and dairy. But scaremongering is nauseating: having read about the film makes me go and immediately watch AwakenWithJP on YouTube, on the loop.

Well, you guessed: we won’t be cooking vegan this week. A good shoulder of lamb put in the low oven and forgotten all about will make a great roast, Sunday or during the week. And the leftovers can be made into lovely pastillas or rissoles.

For a quick dinner, chicken alla fiorentina cooked in one pan is a good suggestion. Feel free to use frozen spinach but it’s kind of a sin at this time of year. Make sure you get plenty – when cooked, spinach shrinks to oblivion. Or use it in a vegetarian (but not vegan) option of spinach and mozzarella balls, so quick to make.

Pork steaks with sage and orange slices (using any small oranges is okay) are quick too but really impressive. One to bear in mind for a dinner party? And you can serve them with this summery crunchy cabbage salad.

Desserts – now I’ll digress: I’ve tasted multiple vegan cakes and sweets and I’m afraid I found them completely disgusting. Butter. Eggs. Milk or cream, or at least buttermilk are the indispensable cake elements in my books. You can’t beat a good pound cake so how about baking one this week? And for a more summery feel, the berry striped cake might be a good idea. Or just have a look at CuisineFiend cake section – there’s plenty to choose from though not many vegan recipes.

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