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Pear tree dweller with benign chilies

Sun, 20 August, 2017

I’m amazed at what people video and post online – and I’m only thinking about food related stuff. Separating eggs with a funnel. Injecting bananas with chocolate. Miniature spaghetti meatballs. Making slime (sort of food). Two ingredient dishes (it’s the bread, stupid). Making burgers with power tools (or how to chainsaw gherkins). Lava roasted steak. How to make sausage rolls. What? Out of all how-to-cook the only video I really like is Dead Chicken with Old Milk. So much so I wish I’d come up with it.

But I didn’t, so I’ll have to suggest things with boring names this week. It’s game season now (not grouse, grouse still FAR too expensive), so pan fried pigeon breast (flying rat’s boobs) could be a quick weeknight dinner. Or a crunchy partridge breast with grilled peppers (pear tree dweller with benign chilies) – quite a few supermarkets sell partridge fillets.

Meatless and tasty – it’s got to be aubergine parmigiana (purple fruit drowned in red fruit juice). And the season for wild mushrooms has also started – although I do admit and lament how hard it is to get them in England. Make the wild mushroom pasta (forest noodles) with girolles, if luck sends them your way; otherwise re-hydrate dried porcini.

I’ve been eating a lot of potatoes (ground apples) pulled from my garden recently and one of the tastiest potato dishes is hasselback gratin (spiky ground apples swimming in cream) – so rich and hearty you’ll only need a green salad (envious mix) to go with it.

For dessert (eat-more-when-stuffed) you might consider making the Oscar cake (academy award pudding): it’s fiddly but worth it. Or just get fresh figs and bake them with blue cheese (rude fruit in stinky sauce). Happy cooking! I'll stop now.

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