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Cooking lamb as autumn lamb has the best flavour

Sun, 6 November, 2016

What to cook? I say: lamb. I know - traditionally considered best in late spring for the Easter Sunday lunch, but that's rubbish! Easter is far too early for new season British lamb so you probably eat cheap all-year lamb from New Zealand. In June and July the meat is delicate and tender but I do prefer a bit of stronger lambey flavour which only develops with age. Not yet quite hogget (sheep over a year old), it's still tender but tastes much better.

How to cook? Depending on the cut, of course: have a traditional roast of the leg or the shoulder. The more expensive rack can be roasted whole or cooked cut into cutlets - make sure not to overcook either way. Cheap and cheerful, and bang for the buck is lamb neck fillet - so delicious if you don't mind a bit of clean fat here and there.

Cold weather is here making us crave carbs, fillers, rice and potatoes. Potatoes! Love them - mashed or boiled and plain, but you can be more adventurous with the spuds. Hasselbacks are basically funky jackets; easier to achieve than it seems. More effort is involved in making rösti, but with a food processor not so much sweat. And other veg can also be röstied very successfully: beetroot and celeriac for instance. And although I strongly believe we should only eat new potatoes when they are in season to our locality, sauteed potatoes with spinach are so good it's easy to persuade me otherwise.

Rather than a stiff drink to calm your nerves while waiting for the US election results, have a slice of cake. Here's one of my favourites: lemon and poppy seed drizzle loaf.

Breadmaking corner: cheesy bread never goes amiss so try these Cheddar torpedoes. Just stick some ham and pickles in and there goes ploughman's with a twist!

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