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How to make sourdough baguettes

Sun, 27 November, 2016

Let's bake bread. I've had a long break in my bread-making activities due to no kitchen/building project so I'm freshly enthusiastic about the starters, the bubbling, wild and fresh yeast, kneading (or no kneading) and folding. And no, I've not forgotten how to.

My all-time favourite would be bread or rolls that are miraculously (or by Bluetooth) ready from the oven as I rise. Sadly my high-tech new kitchen is still bluetoothless so the next best is bread ready at midday. Sourdough meets a lot of requirements, especially the long-proving, low maintenance kinds like these 36-hour baguettes - and truly wonderful they are too. As loaves go, the San Franscisco style takes some beating - and it can also be made into Golden Gate rolls! And if you're feeling really, really lazy, here's no knead sourdough. Be warned though: no knead ain't no effort, which we often overlook.

What's for dinner? How about boring chicken made into an interesting dish? My take on saltimbocca made with chicken fillets is worth considering. Likewise my chicken Caesar salad where chicken masquerades as nuggets and breadcrumbs replace croutons.

Interesting things can be done with fish, too, and yes, I've finally made my own gravadlax. Easy-peasy, and you can cure not much more than one sizeable fillet at a time - it's one of those things which we mistakenly imagine can only be made in huge quantities.

And since we're talking raw fish - some people I know think that's the only way to eat fish - have a poke bowl for lunch or light supper. You're sure to make it into a weekly habit!

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