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Vegetable Fried Rice

Monday, 27 February, 2017

Special fried rice

Chinese takeaways are the best - and I’m a cheap date when it comes to choosing my dishes: I will go for special fried rice. That’s it, nothing else. Special fried rice, or number 112, or chao fan.

I like the fact that it always tastes different. Of course I know it’s a dumping dish - but so what? Using up leftovers is noble and leftover-based dishes are often tastier than what they were born as. Special fried rice is just - special.

I don’t cook rice often but when I do, it’s in double quantities. I used to be slightly worried about those mysterious deadly spores that were born in boiled rice standing around - but you’re safe if the rice goes to the fridge pronto and gets reheated only once, the very next day.

Fried rice is a freewheeling recipe: anything you fancy goes. Those tiny dried shrimp - gorgeous. Just scallions and beansprouts - why not? A shop-bought stir-fry packet - hell yes. My suggestion below is just a few veg and, what’s more important, the sauce ingredients. That’s not so much freewheeling but feel free to experiment - or go with mine, it’s tasty.

Egg fried rice

It’s also got the best in the world recipe for fool proof, fluffy rice. Stick to the timing, don’t lift the lid and get your chopsticks ready!

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