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linzer torte

Friday, 28 April, 2017

Linzer torte

Linzer torte, what a lovely, enormous jammy shortbread cookie. Shortcrust pastry is a no-brainer: there are recipes for the sweet pie crust galore. Still, this one is particularly nice with the whole hazelnuts that make the pastry dark in colour and fragrant in taste.

It’s the lattice that’s the tricky bit.

I’ve made this with a sort of half-lattice: the jam filling makes it damn difficult to flip the pastry strips up and weave them as you should do: you end up with strips breaking, smeared with jam, a total mess. So save your tidy lattice for a set filling – I’ll stick to, and recommend you do, hotchpotch weave lattice for the sticky filling.

Linzer torte slice

Linzer torte is the flagship Austrian tart/pie: my grandmother was brought up near Linz so it’s close to my heart. Hazelnuts are obligatory; toasting them isn’t, so if you can get hold of ready-ground nuts, I’ll forgive you. Funnily enough, Granny never made the Linzer torte, at least to my memory – maybe she just didn’t like it? Anyway – I do.

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