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How to pan fry fish and keep it from sticking

That tasty, fresh fish fillet that looked so appetising when frying won't shift off the pan now! Help!

How to pan fry fish?

To make sure that the fish skin isn’t stuck to the pan and left in it forever thus making the washing up a nightmare after the failed dinner, two things: 

Super dry skin

Rinse the fish fillet and pat the skin side dry VERY WELL. Make a couple of incisions in the skin to allow the heat to penetrate better. While the fish is waiting for frying, keep it on a plate skin side up to make sure it’s dry all the time.

Super hot pan

No problem if your frying pan is not non-stick. Heat it up to almost smoking and oil it lightly. Put the fish in skin side down and press it down with a spatula.

It needs to cook almost through on the skin side, When it turns a little opaque along the edges, turn it over and give it only a couple of minutes to finish off, adding a knob of butter for the flavour.

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