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How to store orange or lemon zest for use in baking

Orange or lemon zest can be prepared in large quantities and stored safely - and it even gains depth of flavour!

Grate several oranges or lemons - the fruit itself will need to be eaten or juiced as it will dry out quickly. I usually use unwaxed, juicing oranges for my orange zest supply.

zesting orange

How to get rid of wax on oranges?

Easy - simply wash them in hot water - there's no need to scrub excessively. You can use washing liquid if you like but rinse the fruit well afterwards.

How to store orange or lemon zest?

Store the zest in a clean jar. Add caster sugar, 1 tsp per each zested orange or lemon. Stir and close tightly.

When using in baking, make allowance for that additional spoonful of sugar in zest!

how to store orange zest

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