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Roast potatoes cooked in oven grill (broiler)

A lot of you lucky people boast the possession of two ovens or more, plus a steam oven plus a microwave. But there are still some less priviledged folk like me who have a solitary oven which refuses to cook two things at the same time. So if your vegetables and roast hogs the oven, you're a bit stumped with the spuds.

If you have a separate oven grill or a standalone grill/broiler, that is the solution.

How to grill/broil roast potatoes?

Parboiling is essential: boil the potatoes, peeled or not as you prefer, in a large pot of salter water to the point where they are tender enough to eat and starting to crumble. Then preheat the desired fat in a tray that will fit under the grill and toss the potatoes in it. Slide the tray under the grill/broiler, shaking it every now and then.

When they are crisp and golden to your liking, sprinkle them with salt, add any herbs you like and serve,

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