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Salting courgettes improves their texture

Courgettes are hardly anyone's favourite vegetable and the main complaints about them are: 'bland' and 'watery'. Blandness can be a benefit because it means they can take any seasoning you throw at them, like a blank canvas. But what about watery?

The trick is to salt them, let them soften and release the water, then squeeze and dry them.

How to salt courgettes?


Simply slice, cut into ribbons or spiralise the courgettes and toss with a good quantity of sea salt - plus a small spoonful of sugar. Sit them in a sieve or colander set over a bowl for ten to twenty minutes. Shake them off, squeeze as much moisture as you can and additionally pat dry in paper towels if you can be bothered.

Ready to fry, sauté, bake or used raw in a salad. Warning: don't add much more salt to the dish!

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